Month January 2014

Weekly Notices 26 Jan 2014

Sunday Service Sunday 26th January at 11am Rev Johanna Boeke’s sermon is – “Home Is Where We All Long To Be” The service is inspired by a book by Jennifer Kavanaugh titled: “The O of home”, and addresses questions such as nationality, borders and belonging, identity and community. The Rev. Johanna (Jopie) Boeke is a retired UU […]


Published 24/01/2014

Weekly Notices 19 Jan ’14

Sunday Service Sunday 19th January at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill’s sermon is – “The Way It’s Supposed to Work, and How It Really Works” Much of life, it turns out – much more of life than anyone would guess – is about navigating thetransitions in life, coping and adjusting to the changes of age, of status, of […]


Published 19/01/2014

Weekly Notices 12 Jan ’14

Sunday Service Sunday 12th January at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill’s sermon is, “Science and Religion: On the Meeting of Minds and Souls” Historically science and religion have alternated between mutual support and bitter enmity….faith and reason parted ways when scientific research began to challenge church dogma. The polite way to reconcile science and theology was simply […]


Published 12/01/2014