Month March 2014

Weekly Notices 30 Mar 2014

Sunday Service 30th March at 11am & 7pm Guest Preacher Matthew Smith – ‘Listening and dialogue as spiritual practice’ Matthew will be looking at how we can make life better for one another by becoming better listeners.  As it is also Mothering Sunday there will be a time of reflection on that theme too.   Children’s Programme This Sunday […]


Published 28/03/2014

Weekly Notices 23 Mar 2014

Sunday Service 23rd March at 11am Dr. O’Neill will be preaching ‘Are You In the Right Church? Three Ways to Tell’ This morning our minister offers three simple ways to tell if you’re in the right church for you.  It’s a model that is not dependent on any one theology, for the truth is that theology is only […]


Published 23/03/2014

Weekly Notices 16 Mar 2014

Sunday Service 16th March at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill will be preaching ‘Pride and Prejudice in A Multi-Cultural Society’ . . .if your own experience has never included the first-hand encounter with hatred and bigotry because of the mere colour of your skin or the faintest accent of your family’s native language or the religious background of your […]


Published 16/03/2014

Weekly Notices 7 Mar 2014

Sunday Service 9th March at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill will be preaching ‘ALL Things Bright and Beautiful: Confessions of a Pantheist’ “. . . I believe that all good things are one thing.  That is what I’m feeling now every hour of the day.  All good things are one thing.  Sunsets, schools of philosophy, babies, constellations, cathedrals, […]


Published 07/03/2014