Month April 2014

Weekly Notices 27 Apr 2014

Sunday Service 27th April at 11am Dr. O’Neill will be preaching.  His sermon is entitled, ‘Permission To Be: Some Thoughts on Parenting’ Marion Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defence Fund says there are a thousand ways to describe the role and obligations of parenthood, all the important and essential things a mother or a father or a grandparent […]


Published 27/04/2014

Weekly Notices 20 Apr 2014

Sunday Service 20th April at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill will be preaching.  His sermon is entitled, ‘New Beginnings’ The message of Easter, the message of Passover, indeed the message of Spring coincide and combine to remind us that we are all as much participants in the miracle of renewal as we are its recipients.  Come join us […]


Published 20/04/2014

Weekly Notices 13 Apr 2014

Sunday Service 13th April at 11am & 7pm Dr. O’Neill will be preaching – ‘On Remembrance’ Psychologist Alan McGlashen reminds us, ‘human beings must remember if we are not to become meaningless, and we must forget if we are not to go mad… Memory is that rainbow bridge flung in a magical instant between the present and […]


Published 13/04/2014

Weekly Notices 6 Apr 2014

Sunday Service 6th April at 11am & 7pm Service led by Rosslyn Hill Chapel Book Group – ‘The World of Reading’ This will be a somewhat belated celebration of our 15th anniversary which was in November of last year.  Come join us for worship today. . .and bring a friend along.   Children’s Programme This Sunday our theme will […]


Published 04/04/2014