Month May 2014

Weekly Notices 1 Jun 2014

Sunday Services: 11.00am – Rev Dr. Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Faith And Vision: Hindsight, Foresight, Insight’  7.00pm – Beginning our new 1st Sunday Evening Services – ‘Music and the Spirit’  Led by Rev Dr. Patrick T. O’Neill  Children’s Programme – This Sunday we shall be learning about Tim Berners-Lee.  He is a Unitarian and the inventor of the World […]


Published 31/05/2014

Weekly Notices 18 May 2014

Sunday Service 18th May at 11am Dr. O’Neill will be preaching.  His sermon is entitled, ‘That Which Does Not Change’ Do we live in a world of bewildering flashing change?  Most certainly we do.  I it frightening at times, bewildering at times, confusing at times, easy to lose our way and lose sight of our values?  Indeed.  It […]


Published 16/05/2014

Weekly Notices 11 May 2014

Sunday Service 11th May at 11am Guest Preacher Matthew Smith.  His sermon is entitled, ‘Facing Loneliness’ This Service explores how we can transform loneliness by a more intense engagement with the present momentum and through the experience of inclusive religious community.  Come join us for worship today. . .and bring a friend along.   Service at 7pm Beginning […]


Published 09/05/2014

Weekly Notices 4 May 2014

Sunday Service 4th May at 11am Flower Communion Service led by Dr. O’Neill.  His sermon is entitled, ‘The Seven Principles of Unitarianism’ This Sunday we celebrate our annual Flower Communion Sunday.  Flower Communions have been a Unitarian tradition ever since they were started in Prague in the 1930s.  Everyone is invited to bring a cut flower to add […]


Published 04/05/2014