Month September 2014

Weekly Notices 28 Sep 2014

Sunday Services   Sunday 28 September (11am) ‘Showcase of Chapel Groups & Activities’ Led by members of the Worship Group   Do you want to find out more about the different groups and activities at the chapel? Then come along on Sunday 28th September. After a short service led by the Worship Group, starting at 11.00am, there will […]


Published 26/09/2014

Weekly Notices 21 Sep 2014

Sunday Services Sunday 21 September (11am) Harvest Festival Guest Preacher Roberta Wedge   Sunday 21 September (7pm) Autumn Equinox Celebration Led by the Wheel of the Year group Please Note:  We are asking everyone to bring non-perishable goods to Chapel today – these will be donated to a charity as part of our annual Harvest Celebration! Children’s Programme –  We are […]


Published 19/09/2014

Weekly Notices 14 Sep 2014

Sunday Services Sunday 14 September (11am) Guest Preacher Rev Rob Gregson ‘Lost and Found’   Sunday 14 September (7pm) – Evening Gathering ‘Meditation’ Led by Ingrid Tavkar Children’s Programme – This Sunday we’ll revisit the book, Old Turtle, shared by last week’s guest minister, to further explore our first Unitarian principle: We believe that each and every person is important.  […]


Published 12/09/2014

Weekly Notices 7 Sep 2014

Sunday Services Sunday 7 September (11am) Guest Preacher Rev Johanna Boeke (Jopie) ‘Connecting with the Holy’   Sunday 7 September (7pm) – Evening Gathering ‘Music and the Spirit’ Led by Ingrid Tavkar Children’s Programme – We are pleased to announce that the Management Board has unanimously approved the appointment of Kristin Howe and Holly VanderMolen as the Chapel’s new […]


Published 07/09/2014