Month April 2015

Weekly Notices 26 Apr 2015

Sunday 26th April (11am)  Guest Preacher Rev Jopie Boeke  ‘Treasure your tears’ In our culture there is a tendency to distrust our tears and suppress them. But tears can teach us what really matters in life and help us to discover deeper sources of comfort available to every human being.  Sunday 26th April (7pm) We […]


Published 24/04/2015

Weekly Notices 19 Apr 2015

Sunday 19th April (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘In The Comfort of Small Harbours’ The second of two sermons inspired by Adrienne Rich’s notion of ‘severer listening’.  This morning’s sermon draws on the seminal work of theologian James Fowler’s questions of faith.  A great Sunday to visit church if you’ve been away […]


Published 17/04/2015

Weekly Notices 12 Apr 2015

Sunday 12 April  (11.00 am) –     Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching ‘A Severer Listening’ – The late poet Adrienne Rich reminded us “…there comes a time…when have to pull back and bestow ourselves to silence, or a severer listening.”  The sheer din of modern life – the noise of distractions, demands, and daily obligations […]


Published 10/04/2015

Weekly Notices 5 Apr 2015

Sunday 5th April (11am) – Easter Sunday –  Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching “Agents of Life” –  If you are alive and struggling like most people, you do not need to be told that this world is full of brokenness. Our calling as agents of life is to redeem this broken world, to transform […]


Published 03/04/2015