Month May 2015

Weekly Notices 31 May 2015

Sunday 31st May (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Why I Am a Unitarian’ This morning our Minister and three members of the congregation (each from different backgrounds and upbringings) will share with us the reasons their personal religious journeys have led them to Unitarianism.  In this congregation we are fond of saying, […]


Published 29/05/2015

Weekly Notices 24 May 2015

Sunday 24th May (11am)   Guest Preacher Rev Martin Whitell – (District Minister) ‘Besieged by Love’  We live in a world where it is easy for us to feel surrounded by all manner of oppressive influences. These can be both real or imagined. The Hebrew Psalmist understood something of a different and non-malevolent circling, that […]


Published 22/05/2015

Weekly Notices 17 May 2015

Sunday 17 May (11am) Guest Preacher Rev John Clifford (GA President) ‘Democracy: the worst possible system of governance except for all the others’ Beloved by democrats and tyrants alike, elections and referenda must serve some purpose.  Stability?  If only….As Unitarians we have a long-standing commitment to democracy that is sometimes in conflict with our equally […]


Published 16/05/2015

Weekly Notices 3 May 2015

Sunday 3rd May (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Jesus The Stranger’ He is arguably the most important figure in Western (and perhaps human) history.  And yet, as central as this figure of Jesus and the faith tradition that he inspired might be to history, the modern-day searcher who sincerely seeks to inquire […]


Published 01/05/2015