Month September 2015

Weekly Notices 27 Sep 2015

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘The Perpetual Migration’ Impossible to watch a newscast these days without seeing reports of pathetic incidents involving the hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking refuge across the world. As people of conscience in the better-off nations struggle to seek reasonable and humane solutions, it is worth considering the […]


Published 25/09/2015

Weekly Notices 20 Sep 2015

Sunday 20th September (11.00 am) Harvest Celebration! Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘In Search of Higher Ground’ After all, how complicated can it be, this unique human invention called a church?  Rent a tent, call for a picnic, gather the troops – you’re in business!  Just like a circus! Ever wonder why we have […]


Published 18/09/2015

Weekly Notices 13 Sep 2015

Sunday 13 September (11:00 am) ‘Celebrating Change’ You have probably heard the saying, ‘Change is the only constant in life’. Since change is constantly occurring, then we must learn how to accept it, and even learn to celebrate the changes. Led by members of the Social Action Committee. **May people bring their own packed lunch** Since […]


Published 11/09/2015

Weekly Notices 6 Sep 2015

Sunday 6 September  (11.00 am) Guest Preacher Rev Martin Whitell – ‘The way of the Pilgrim’ Towards the end of September many of our Muslim faith friends will be going on Pilgrimage – The Hajj. There are many types of pilgrimage and in this morning’s service we will explore the idea of Spiritual Journeys and what […]


Published 04/09/2015