Month October 2015

Weekly Notices 1 Nov 2015

Morning Service, ‘Robots, humans and Gods’ Guest Preacher Rev John Harley  How do we make sense of being human with the increasing presence of robots and intelligent computers in our world? Also some time to reflect on The Day of the Dead.   Sunday 1 November (7.00pm) – Evening Gathering ‘Samhain Celebration’ (pronounced sow-inn – also called Halloween) […]


Published 31/10/2015

Weekly Notices 25 Oct 2015

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill’s Farewell Sermon – ‘The Things That Matter’ Dr O’Neill is retiring after 36 years in parish ministry, the last four serving here at Rosslyn Hill. While still a student in theological school, he was advised never to forget that the pulpit is dedicated to ‘the things that matter in life’.  […]


Published 25/10/2015

Weekly Notices 18 Oct 2015

New Member Sunday! Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Choosing Community’ This Sunday as we recognize our newest members of the Chapel congregation, we’ll ponder a bit the meaning of community and its importance in one’s life.  Do join us for worship this morning! Sunday 18 October (7.00pm) – Evening Gathering ‘Ageing & Spirituality’ Our […]


Published 16/10/2015

Weekly Notices 11 Oct 2015

Guest Preacher Rev Jopie Boeke – ‘The Gift of Years’ This service aims to look at the many dimensions of ageing, the purposes and concerns, struggles and surprises, the potential and joys. Life is not just about the length of years, but about living in the values offered every day. Being human, in the fullest […]


Published 09/10/2015

Weekly Notices 4 Oct 2015

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘The Inconvenience of Religion’ As one theologian puts it, ‘Faith is something one believes, while Religion is something one practices.’ Human nature being what it is, of course, there is almost always a gap between the two. Religion includes something more than just the privacy of the heart; […]


Published 02/10/2015