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Weekly Notices 2 Aug 2015

Sunday 2nd August (11am) –‘Taking a Modern-Day Sabbath’ ‘Sabbath’ – a weekly day devoted to worship and of rest from work. Our culture has in many respects abandoned the idea of Sabbath. We may attend worship services once a week, but we follow up by shopping, running errands, travelling, partying, and other frenzied activities. What […]


Published 31/07/2015

Weekly Notices 26 Jul 2015

Guest Claire MacDonald preaching – ‘ I Dream of  a Church that Joins In’ We Unitarians dream of a church that joins in. Not just a church that heals us and makes us feel better, but a church that enables us to go out into the world and make a difference. A church that joins […]


Published 24/07/2015

Weekly Notices 19 July 2015

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching ‘On Growing a Soul: Reaching Spiritual Adulthood’ A recent study reports that many people only begin to reach their ‘spiritual adulthood’ around age 30, while many people stop developing spiritually around age 50. People can become spiritually passive; that is, they stop exploring what they believe, stop reading, stop […]


Published 17/07/2015

Weekly Notices 12 Jul 2015

Sunday 12th July (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Is God In Our Genes?’ Some scientists working on the Genome Project a few years ago claimed that they might have identified what they were calling the ‘God Gene’. Of the 35,000 genes consisting of 3.2 billion chemical bases that make up the human […]


Published 10/07/2015

Weekly Notices 5 Jul 2015

Service led by Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill – Special Guest Speaker Rev Jim Robinson ‘Learning to Love the Ordinary’ This Sunday we welcome back to our pulpit the Rev Jim Robinson, former minister of our Chapel.  A reception for Jim and Appleseed follows the service. Sunday 5th July (7pm)  Special Guest Speaker Rev Jim […]


Published 03/07/2015

Weekly Notices 28 Jun 2015

Sunday 28th June (11am)  Guest Preacher Rev Kate Dean  ‘Living with Uncertainty’ When life looks a little unstable and you’re not sure of the road ahead, how does our Unitarian faith help us to deal with uncertainty?   Sunday 28th June (7pm) Evening Gathering – ‘Living with Uncertainty’ We will be drawing on Rev Kate […]


Published 26/06/2015

Weekly Notices 21 Jun 2015

Sunday 21st June (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill and Rev. Rob Gregson preaching “Always in Transition” This morning our congregation will be fondly bidding adieu to Reverend Rob Gregson (and Corey and Addie) as he prepares to return to the US after five years of ministry with our chapel and with SimpleGifts ministry in Bethnal […]


Published 19/06/2015