Month January 2016

Weekly Notices 31 Jan 2016

‘Celebrating Community’ Led by members of the Worship Group “A church is nothing more than its people and what they bring to it: their faith, their vision, their collective hopes and dreams, their memories and their customs, their history, their prayers, their good works, and their values.” Rev Patrick O’Neill. Sunday 31st January  (7.00pm) Celebration of […]


Published 30/01/2016

Weekly Notices 24 Jan 2016

Sunday 24th January (11.00am) Guest Preacher Rev Ashley Hills ‘The Whirlpool of Time’ ‘Time and the hour run through the roughest day’ (Macbeth, William Shakespeare) Sunday 24th January (7.00pm) ‘The Whirlpool of Time’ We will be drawing on Rev Hill’s sermon from the morning, reflecting and sharing our thoughts. Led by members of the congregation. Flowers […]


Published 22/01/2016

Weekly Notices 17 Jan 2016

Sunday 17th January (11:00am) Guest Speaker Roger Harrabin, ‘Climate Change’ Roger will talk informally about the Paris climate agreement and its role in combating dangerous climate change.  The service will include a meditation and readings. Roger Harrabin is a member of our congregation, is a Journalist and is the BBC’s Environment and Energy Analyst. *You are […]


Published 17/01/2016

Weekly Notices 10 Jan 2016

Guest Preacher Alan Ruston, ‘Are you a pilgrim?’ It’s claimed we are all on a pilgrimage throughout our lives. However is this the only meaning of the word for religious liberals in the 21st century? We welcome back Alan Ruston, GA President in 2002-2003, who is a well known writer and speaker with British Unitarianism. Sunday 10 […]


Published 09/01/2016