Month March 2016

Weekly Notices 27 Mar 2016

Sunday 27th March (11.00am) Easter Sunday Rev Kate Dean ‘Return to the Garden’ This holy-day has its roots in spring rites and the Jewish Passover festival. Drawing on our Christian heritage, what can we learn from the story of an empty tomb, the hope of transformation and new life?   Sunday 27th March (7.00pm) Rev Kate […]


Published 24/03/2016

Weekly Notices 20 Mar 2016

Sunday 20th March  (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean ‘A Recipe for Happiness’ This will be Rev Dean’s first service as Temporary Minister. Research suggests that once your basic needs are met, your level of income does not affect your level of happiness. We will consider the other aspects of life that could be the ingredients for a […]


Published 18/03/2016

Weekly Notices 13 Mar 2016

Sunday 13th March  (11.00am) ‘A simple flickering flame’ Guest Preacher Ed Fordham A service on using candles and the significance of a simple flickering flame. Sunday 13th March (7.00pm) Evening Gathering – Meditation ‘Meditation is listening to the divine within’ Edgar Cayce Come and join us for guided meditation, silent meditation and walking meditation. Led […]


Published 11/03/2016

Weekly Notices 6 Mar 2016

Sunday 6th March  (11.00am) Guest Preacher Terri Quaye ‘A Mothering Cloak’ The title of my sermon is ‘The Mothering Cloak’, which celebrates the act of ‘Mothering’ in all its forms, including and outside of child-bearing, and reminds us that we are of one family in the sight of The Divine.   Sunday 6th March (7.00 […]


Published 04/03/2016