Month July 2016

Weekly Notices 31 Jul 2016

Sunday 31st July (11am) Rev Kate Dean ‘States of Mind’ To conclude our month of events looking at dementia, this service will touch on how we can support those living with dementia and how our spiritual wellbeing may affect our state of mind. We will also consider how we might become a ‘dementia friendly church.’ Sunday […]


Published 29/07/2016

Weekly Notices 24 Jul 2016

Sunday 24 July (11am) Guest Preacher Rev Jim Robinson ‘Neurotheology: the Scientific Study of Religious Experience.’ Using modern scientific tools like MRI, Pet Scans, EEG, etc. along with sophisticated social science surveys, researchers are able to clinically describe what is happening when people are having religious/spiritual experiences. It is both interesting and inspiring. Sunday 24 July […]


Published 23/07/2016

Weekly Notices 17 Jul 2016

Sunday 17th July (11am) Rev Kate Dean ‘Inspired by Shakespeare’ Rosslyn Hill Chapel Choir collaborates with Shakespeare enthusiasts to mark Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary and celebrate the words of Shakespeare which have inspired so many. The choir will perform a selection of poetry set to music by Vaughn Williams while chapel members George Appleby, Shirley King and […]


Published 15/07/2016

Weekly Notices 10 Jul 2016

Sunday 10 July (11am) Guest Preacher Alan Ruston ‘The most well-known British Unitarian thinker – James Martineau. How relevant is he today? Those who attended the Anniversary service in June, will know that James Martineau was the preacher at the opening of the new Rosslyn Hill chapel in 1862. There is a large memorial to him […]


Published 08/07/2016

Weekly Notices 3 Jul 2016

Sunday 3 July (11am) ‘How are the neighbours?’ We will consider who we regard as our neighbours. Do we really know our neighbours and how does our treatment of them express our Unitarian values? Led by rev Kate Dean   Sunday 3 July (7pm) Rev Kate Dean An evening of words and music exploring the theme ‘How are […]


Published 03/07/2016