Month August 2016

Weekly Notices 28 Aug 2016

Sunday 28 August (11am) Guest Preacher Rev Martin Whitell (London & SE District Minister) ‘Don’t give up on hope’  Sometimes life seems more complex that we can cope with. The Greek story of Pandora’s box reminds us that when all seems dark, hope still remains.  Our service today will unpack some of thefeatures of hope and […]


Published 26/08/2016

Weekly Notices 21 Aug 2016

Sunday 21st August (11am) Rev Kate Dean ‘Seeing the World Anew’  – It is so easy to become jaded and bogged down in the difficulties of life. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes can help us rediscover the beauty and the mystery of the world around us. Sunday 21st August (7pm) Rev Kate Dean ‘Seeing the […]


Published 19/08/2016

Weekly Notices 14 Aug 2016

Sunday 14th August (11am) Guest Preacher Jeannene Powell ‘Revering Nature’ The natural world can often inspire a sense of awe and wonder, and a deep sense of reverence. In this service we’ll explore beliefs and traditions which hold Nature, the Earth and the Universe in the highest regard and consider our own connections to this. […]


Published 11/08/2016

Weekly Notices 7 Aug 2016

Sunday 7th August (11am), Rev Kate Dean  ‘Lazy summer days’ A celebration of the summer season, a time to wind down and take stock.   Sunday 7th August (7pm) Rev Kate Dean ‘Lazy summer days’ An evening of words and music exploring the theme  ‘Lazy summer days’ Flowers: The flowers this week are sponsored by Ingrid Tavkar, in memory of […]


Published 04/08/2016