Month January 2017

Weekly Notices 29 Jan 2017

Sunday Service Sunday 29th January at 11am Guest Preacher Jeannene Powell: ‘What Soil Are You In?’ As we get into the swing of the New Year, with resolutions and alike, its, a perfect opportunity to reflect on our own environment, to see how it can best support our own growth for the year ahead.    Pot […]


Published 28/01/2017

Weekly Notices 22 Jan 2017

Services this Sunday Sunday 22 January at 11.00am  Rev Kate Dean Inspired Imaginations  Acrobatic imaginations and fascinating human ingenuity inspire this service as a celebration of what can be achieved by lively minds with a sense of adventure.   Sunday 22 January at 7.00pm: LIVE Music and Meditation Join us for uplifting live piano music […]


Published 20/01/2017

Weekly Notices 15 Jan 2017

Services this Sunday Sunday 15 January at 11.00am ‘Darkness and Light’ Mid-January marks the midpoint of the meteorological winter and although the darkest days have passed, the warmer seasons still feel many months away. How has our climate and seasons influenced our approach to life? Led by Rev Kate Dean Sunday 15 January at 7.00pm […]


Published 13/01/2017

Weekly Notices 8 Jan 2017

Sunday 8th January at 11.00am – ‘Letting Go’ In this first service since New Year’s Day, we will look back on the previous year and explore what is holding us back with the help of rituals for letting go. Led by Rev Kate Dean and Ingrid Tavkar.Sunday 8th January Evening Gathering at 7.00pm –  ‘Meditations on Letting Go’ Our […]


Published 05/01/2017