Month August 2017

Weekly Notices 27 Aug 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 27th August at 11am: ‘The Importance of Joy in our Lives’ We’ll explore how joy is different from happiness, what can block our joy, what connects us with our joy and how we can nourish this spiritual quality within ourselves.  Led by Rev Lindsay Stevens, an Interfaith Minister and friend of the Unitarians. Sunday […]


Published 25/08/2017

Weekly Notices 20 Aug 2017

Sunday 20th August at 11am  Rev Kate Dean  ‘Ways of the World’  We Unitarians draw wisdom from many different sources but it is important that we do this in a respectful way. We will explore what we can learn from other cultures in order to live more full and rich lives.  (images: details of windows […]


Published 19/08/2017

Weekly Notices 13 Aug 2017

Sunday 13th August at 11am  Rev Kate Dean ‘Second Sunday Shakeup: Meditation’  In a departure from our usual format, this service will be dedicated to meditation in all its forms.  Sunday 13th August at 2 – 4pm  Labyrinth Walking Meditation Richard Nickols & Aleine Ridge  Join Aleine and Richard as they lead us on a […]


Published 13/08/2017

Weekly Notices 6 Aug 2017

Here are the notices of services and events this week. Sunday 6th August at 11am  Rev Kate Dean: ‘Welcome Summer’  As we throw open our doors to visitors each Sunday afternoon in August, we’ll consider what it means to offer true hospitality and celebrate the height of the summer season.  Sunday 6th August at 7pm  […]


Published 04/08/2017