Month September 2017

Weekly Notices 1 Oct 2017

Sunday 1st October  (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – Equality and Ethnicity To mark Black History Month, this service will take a look at the life of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, who was active in the Suffragette movement as well as being daughter of a Maharajah and god-daughter to Queen Victoria. Sunday 1st October (7.00pm) Rev […]


Published 29/09/2017

Weekly Notices 24 Sep 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 24th September (11.00am)  Guest Speaker Tanya Morrison ‘Big ideas and hard questions of our time’ Drawing on her father’s writings and the issues raised through the annual Ken Morrison lectures, Tanya Morrison looks at the challenges that liberal religious thinking has in navigating through times of ‘public chaos’.   This Sunday, […]


Published 22/09/2017

Weekly Notices 17 Sep 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 17th September (11.00 am)  Guest Preacher Rev Charles VanDen Broeder Harvest Service The yearly Harvest Service was traditionally the time of year when farmers gave thanks to God for a successful harvest but most Unitarians today live in an urban environment so have little to do with agricultural. So my question […]


Published 16/09/2017

Weekly Notices 10 Sep 2017

Sunday 10th September  (11.00am)   Rev Kate Dean Second Sunday Shakeup: ‘Gathering the Waters’ This ‘water communion’ was first used at a Unitarian Universalist congregation in the 1980s. Each person brings a small amount of water from a place that is special to them or from a place they have visited over the summer. The combined water is a symbol […]


Published 09/09/2017

Reflections: ‘Back to School’

Although the Chapel services have been quieter, as is usual during the summer, it has been fantastic to welcome visitors and neighbours in August for Open Chapel. It was a great opportunity to let newcomers know what’s different about a Unitarian Chapel and to give them a chance to see inside our beautiful building. Our […]


Published 05/09/2017

Weekly Notices 3 Sep 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 3rd September (11.00 am)  Rev Kate Dean and Dr Kat Arney ‘The Wobble of Life’ We’ve all heard of nature versus nurture, but what about the ‘wobble’? Dr Kat Arney, a science writer and broadcaster, will talk about the complexity of life at the molecular level. She will also play the […]


Published 03/09/2017