Month October 2017

Weekly Notices 29 Oct 2017

Sunday 29th October (11.00am) The Welsh Connection Rev Kate Dean with Shirley King: Born and bred in South Wales, Shirley will trace the influence of Welsh Unitarianism from its development, particularly by a group of dissenters, in an area of rural Wales called ‘The Black Spot’. Sunday 29th October (7.00pm)  Samhain Pagan Celebration A time […]


Published 27/10/2017

Weekly Notices 22 Oct 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 22nd October (11.00am) Guest Speaker Emily Jackson ‘The Ethical Principle of Reciprocity’  ‘Do to others as you would like them to do to you’ is known as the ‘Golden Rule’. Numerous religions and traditions across the world teach us to ‘love thy neighbour’. How can the idea enrich our lives? How far […]


Published 20/10/2017

Weekly Notices 15 Oct 2017

Sunday 15th October (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – Membership Service Our annual service of commitment and re-commitment to our Chapel community. We will welcome new members in a Membership Ceremony as well as explore what it means to be part of this spiritual community. Sunday 15th October (7.00pm) Rev Kate Dean – Our Members, Our […]


Published 13/10/2017

Weekly Notices 8 Oct 2017

Sunday 8th October (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – Second Sunday Shake-up: Shelter Cafe Special guest: Nikki Barnett from homelessness charity C4WS To raise awareness about the upcoming Cold Weather Shelter, we will hold a ‘café church’-style service with gentle discussion, sharing and activities. Come early to the Shakeup breakfast to grab your coffee before the […]


Published 06/10/2017

Reflections: Beloved Community – a home for outsiders?

The American philosopher Josiah Royce was one of the first to use the term ‘beloved community’ to describe the kind of human society that honours both individual identity and its collective context. Royce once said ‘My life means nothing, either theoretically or practically, unless I am a member of a community.’ Later, the great 20th […]


Published 05/10/2017