Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel is affiliated to the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches and the LDPA which supports congregations in London and South East. However, like all Unitarian congregations, the Chapel governs itself.

The Chapel is owned and run by the membership through a company limited by guarantee (CLG), with a Board of Trustees/Management Board.  The Chapel is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, number 1131346. The members of the Board are Trustees and Directors of the company, with limited personal liability.

The Board is the executive body of the Chapel. It derives its authority from the congregation. The company’s activities and procedures are determined and guided by Articles of Association and Standing Orders that set its parameters and scope for action. These documents are available on request from the chapel office.

Other committees operate in the Chapel but these derive their terms of reference, budget and agency from the Board. All employees, including the Minister are contracted to the Board.

Up to 12 directors may be elected to serve on the board at any time. Board members are elected by the congregation in February at the AGM and serve for a period of three years, at which point they can serve an additional three years before taking a break of at least one year. Additional Directors can be co-opted if the board wishes. The Annual Report and Accounts are approved at the AGM.

The Board meets every month, except August, to discuss Chapel management and strategy. There are three officers – the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary – elected by the Board members themselves. Any member of the chapel may attend a Board meeting, but may only speak by arrangement or permission. The Minister attends the Board meetings and participates freely in discussions but is not a Director and may not vote.

Minutes of the meeting are prepared and are available to any member, and a summary is published in ‘Open Mind’.


Chapel Committees

The Management Board oversees the following groups and committees:

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Children’s Programme Team

Communications Team

The Elders

Estate Group

Flower Group

Fundraising Team

Long-Term Finance Committee

Membership Group

Social Action Committee

Worship Group


Children’s Programme Team

The CPC focuses on providing guidance and support to the staff, volunteers and participants of the RHUC Children’s and Teen Programmes, in particular the Children’s Chapel which takes place during the Sunday Morning Service. The larger goal is to maintain an increasingly appealing and effective Chapel resource for communicating and demonstrating Unitarian values to the children and youth of our congregation. This is attained through the use of a formal Unitarian curriculum, tailored discussions and activities. Adult congregation members are encouraged to volunteer and take part.

Communications Team

The Communications Team hope to support a thriving Chapel community by making our Unitarian values better known. We aim to raise the profile of the Chapel through improving:

* Internal communications with the membership and visitors by producing ‘Open Mind’, a monthly newsletter

* External communications with the local press and public at large by announcing important issues and events, producing and circulating press releases to local and national media.

* Strengthening the channels of communication between the wider Unitarian movement and the Chapel by including a regular slot in ‘Open Mind’ covering regional and national news and events

The Elders

The Rosslyn Hill Chapel Elders is a small group of long-standing members of the Chapel who are elected by members of the congregation to help uphold the spiritual and civic values of our community. Through their long association with the Chapel they are able to lend a hand in cases where disputes may arise. But more generally their role is to ensure that the continuity of our Unitarian tradition, as experienced by generations before us, is carried on into the future.

Estate Group

The Chapel community is the custodian of six buildings, including the Chapel and Hall. We respect the legacy of our estate in the heart of Hampstead, and recognise the challenges of ancient buildings in need of repair.

The Estate Group is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the buildings as well as the major refurbishment planned for the Chapel Hall. The aim of this refurbishment project is to respect the history whilst enhancing the existing experiences for all who use the Hall.

Flower Group

The Flower Group provides flowers and decoration every week for the Chapel services and for special events.


2012-2013 marked the 150th anniversary of Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel building. This saw the start of a campaign to raise funds for extensive repairs. These are needed for the Chapel, which contains the organ and piano, and the Hall (which served as our meeting house from 1828 until the present chapel was built) as well as maintainence of the grounds and our continuing social action programme.

If you would like to support the on going work of the Chapel you can donate in several ways:

* Making one-off online donations via MyDonate.

* Registering with Easyfundraising and Easysearch.

* Contacting our Chapel Administrator

* Keeping abreast of fundraising events listed on the What’s On page.

As a registered charity we are able to claim Gift Aid on the income or capital gains tax donors have paid. We thank you for your support and contribution!

Finance Committee

The role of the LTFC is to advise the Treasurer and the Board on key matters of finance on a non-executive basis. It is not to replace or duplicate the executive role of officers or directors of the Chapel. It aims to: ensure there is an adequate process in place for securing and managing the reserves of the Chapel provide a group of people able to respond to questions of long term finance from the Treasurer or from the Board e.g. on contracts, budgeting, pricing, cost containment etc.

Membership Group

The Chapel is an independent organisation, which is self-governing and self-financing. Our members contribute to a lively programme of events and actively take part in the decisions made about the Chapel’s future. The Membership Group works on ways to promote membership and improve links within our community.

If you have been attending services at the Chapel for a few weeks and would like to deepen your connection with the Chapel community, please consider becoming a member! We welcome applications for membership from all, regardless of means.

If you would like to make Rosslyn Hill Chapel your spiritual home, you can speak to Rev Patrick O’Neill, Kate Buchanan or Deborah Frankel for more information, either in person or by emailing:

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee creates opportunities for the congregation to serve the wider community. Find out more.

Worship Group

The purpose of the Worship Group (WG) is to support the services in the Chapel on Sundays, at 11am and 7pm. To do this, the WG recruits, trains and provides Worship Assistants who ensure that on each Sunday the chapel is ready for each service. This involves working with the Minister or guest Worship Leader, Chapel staff and stewards. The Worship Assistant welcomes the congregation and is ready to answer questions, before or after the service.