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I am by training and education a scholar of religion, but I am by inclination and by experience primarily a pilgrim after religious wisdom. I have always been more interested in how a theology invites us to live and act – what it calls us to be and do – than in how it reads


Published 22/04/2017

Weekly Notices 23 Apr 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 23rd (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – ‘Spirit of Life’  Our Unitarian faith upholds the ‘oneness’ of the divine, which – for some – is expressed as spirit or spirituality. What does it mean if we say that we are spiritual people? Sunday 23rd (7.00pm) LIVE Music and Meditation Join us for […]



Weekly Notices 16 Apr 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 16th April (11.00am) Easter Sunday ‘Intimations of immortality? Is death the end? Reflections for Easter.’ We welcome Rev Feargus O’Connor, minister at Golders Green Unitarians, who will ‘swap pulpits’ with our minister to preach on Easter Sunday at our chapel. Sunday 16th (7.00pm)  Meditations and Transformations for Easter Day A gentle gathering […]


Published 14/04/2017

Weekly Notices 9 Apr 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 9th (11.00am) Choir Sunday with  Rev Kate Dean ‘A Palm Sunday Hosannah’ On this Palm Sunday in the Christian tradition, join us for a celebration of music to mark Jesus’ triumphant arrival in Jerusalem. The Chapel’s Choir will perform a selection from Mozart’s ‘Missa Brevis in D minor’ accompanied by a string ensemble.  […]


Published 09/04/2017

Weekly Notices 2 Apr 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 2nd April (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean ‘Into the Wilderness’ Rev Kate Dean  In the spirit of our Christian heritage and on the fifth Sunday of Lent, we will explore the story of Jesus’ time in the wilderness and times when we have been bewildered and tempted. Sunday 2nd April Evening Gathering […]


Published 01/04/2017

Weekly Notices 26 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 26th March (11.00pm) Rev Kate Dean ‘Fathers, Mothers and all who care for others’ It’s Mother’s Day and we celebrate the act of nurturing and care, which supports the vulnerable and the fragile to gain strength and knowledge. Sunday 26th March (7.00pm) Live Music and Meditation Join us for uplifting live piano music from John […]


Published 24/03/2017

Weekly Notices 19 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 19 March (11.00am) Guest Speaker Tanya Morrison ‘Talking about power’   How do we talk about those in power?  How do we remain hopeful when things seem out of balance? Do we listen enough to supporters of the powerful?  Tanya Morrison considers these questions drawing on insights from Ursula le Guin’s ‘Earthsea’ […]


Published 16/03/2017