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Weekly Notices 25 Jun 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 18th June at 11am Rev Kate Dean – ‘Different pasts, shared future’  To mark the close of Refugee Week, we look at the journeys people have made to make their life in the UK and what we can do to continue to welcome them. Pot Luck Lunch – join us in the side […]


Published 23/06/2017

Weekly Notices 18 Jun 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 18th June (11.00am) Jeannene Powell : ‘Honouring our Connections’ In our service, we’ll be looking at the way we deepen our connections, with ourselves, others and the world.  This service will also acknowledge those who’ve fathered us in some way. Sunday 18th June (7.00pm) ‘Summer Solstice’ Celebration with Wheel of the Year We celebrate the […]


Published 16/06/2017

Weekly Notices 11 Jun 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 11th June (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – Flower Communion The Flower Communion is a beautiful celebration of natural diversity and human uniqueness. It was created by a brave Czech Unitarian minister, Rev Dr Norbert Capek, who perished in WWII. His family went on to spread this gentle ritual throughout US Unitarian […]


Published 08/06/2017

Weekly Notices 4 Jun 2017

Sunday 4th June(11.00)am Rev Kate Dean – ‘Filled with the Spirit’ On the day that Christians celebrate Pentecost and Whitsun, we return to the subject of ‘spirit’ and the Unitarian wariness of proselytising. We’ll consider what it may mean in the modern Unitarian context as well as how it has been approached within our Dissenting […]


Published 02/06/2017

Weekly Notices 28 May 2017

This Sunday’s Services Although we are an independent self-governing Chapel, we are also members of the General Assembly, the UK national Unitarian body. Come and find out more about what’s happening on the national scene and the part we all have to play.we can find out more about what’s happening on the national scene and the part […]


Published 26/05/2017

Weekly Notices 21 May 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 21 May (11.00 am) Guest Preacher Stephen Crowther: ‘Tender Bridges’ Today’s service was prompted by a recent Inquirer article about the ‘tender bridges’ that we build when we connect ‘that which lives at the heart of our problems to the heart of the problems of others. Then we become bridges to each […]


Published 20/05/2017

Weekly Notices 14 May 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 14 May (11.00 am) Guest Preacher Terri Quaye – ‘This Sacred Space’Together, we take this opportunity to contemplate not only our sacred space but those of other faiths. ‘This Sacred Space’ – its purpose, its gift and our unity.   Sunday 14 May (7.00pm) Evening Gathering  ‘Further insights into Hip-hop and […]


Published 12/05/2017