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Weekly Notices 26 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 26th March (11.00pm) Rev Kate Dean ‘Fathers, Mothers and all who care for others’ It’s Mother’s Day and we celebrate the act of nurturing and care, which supports the vulnerable and the fragile to gain strength and knowledge. Sunday 26th March (7.00pm) Live Music and Meditation Join us for uplifting live piano music from John […]


Published 24/03/2017

Weekly Notices 19 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 19 March (11.00am) Guest Speaker Tanya Morrison ‘Talking about power’   How do we talk about those in power?  How do we remain hopeful when things seem out of balance? Do we listen enough to supporters of the powerful?  Tanya Morrison considers these questions drawing on insights from Ursula le Guin’s ‘Earthsea’ […]


Published 16/03/2017

Weekly Notices 12 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 12th March (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean, Ingrid Tavkar and Margaret Perry ‘Being Bold for Gender Equality’  To mark International Women’s Day, which was on Wednesday 8th March, we highlight the bold Unitarian proto-feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and consider how we can ‘be bold for change’, working towards an inclusive gender equal world. […]


Published 10/03/2017

Weekly Notices 5 Mar 2017

This Sunday’s Services Sunday 5th March (11.00am) Rev Kate Dean – ‘A Fairer World’ At the mid-point of Fair Trade fortnight, and as we gather for our Annual General Meeting of chapel members, we will consider what it takes to create a fairer world. Our families, our communities and nations have a better chance of […]


Published 04/03/2017

Weekly Notices 26 Feb 2017

This Sunday’s Services 26th February at 11am: LGBT History Month In the year that marks the 50th anniversary since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, this ensemble service will explore attitudes to sexuality within religious traditions and through personal reflections. A collaborative service with Rev Kate Dean, members and friends of the chapel.   26th February at 7pm: LIVE Music […]


Published 25/02/2017

Weekly Notices 19 Feb 2017

This Sunday’s Services 19th February at 11am Guest Speaker: Kieran Seale ‘People of the Question’ Kieran Seale will lead a service and ask why questions are so important to Unitarians. 19th February at 7pm Evening Gathering: ‘Hip Hop and Spirituality’ Join us to explore the intricacies and subtleties of hip-hop lyrics and the connection to spirituality. […]


Published 17/02/2017

Weekly Notices 12 Feb 2017

Sunday Services 12th February at 11am: Raja Rammohan Roy ‘Father of the Bengal Renaissance’ This day marks the founding of the Brahmo Samaj, the progressive Hindu group established in the 1800s. We take a look at its founder, the social reformer Raja Rammohan Roy.   12th February at 7pm: Meditations on the Brahmo Samaj Our […]


Published 10/02/2017