‘Cogers Coffeehouse’ – a new discussion group

On Mon 12 Feb 2018

at 7pm

Cogers Coffeehouse is a new chapel group starting on February 12th, 7pm at the chapel and every second Monday of the month thereafter.

We have the opportunity to Open our Minds in discussion about current affairs. Diverse views are welcome, and an experienced  Chair  according to Cogers (pron. ‘koh-jers’) Tradition  known as ‘Grand’, will  ensure a careful  flow of  words  during the evening. Magnus Nielsen is in that role and more about the procedures will be explained on Feb. 12th. There are no winners or losers since no vote is taken.  Only an ‘apple of discord’ is awarded, again according to Cogers tradition, to an eloquent presentation. No bun fights allowed! You are welcome to listen or talk or both.  All are welcome. More information, contact Magnus: magnus_nielsen@hotmail.co.uk