Life Spirit Course

On Tue 24 Oct 2017

at 7 pm

Life Spirit’ – a new Spiritual Development course.Following the success of the Shared Pulpit and Soul Deep courses in the past year, Rev Kate Dean will be running a Tuesday night course based on the book by Rev David Usher. We will explore deep questions through reading, discussion, personal reflection and deep listening. The sessions run until 21st November (no session on 14th November). Course fee: £10 (to cover the cost Of your the ‘Life Spirit’ book).

What gives meaning to your life?… Why do you believe what you believe? Are there any moral absolutes? Can you be spiritual all by yourself?… Is there a God?… Is it possible to be spiritual without any concept of God at all?…

Life Spirit’ is designed to help you explore such questions. But it will not tell you the answers. It will help you to explore not only what you believe, but also why you believe it – and ideally to do so in community with others who are on a similar quest. ‘Life Spirit’ is also about what you do as a result of what you believe and feel and experience. It is about how to live so that your own life is spiritually enriched, and how to live so that the lives of others might benefit too.

David Usher was a former Minister to this Chapel and was Minister for the London & South East district association for several years.