Weekly Notices 14 Dec 2014

Published 12/12/2014

Sunday Services

Sunday 14 December (11am) 

‘A Holiday Choir Service of Lessons and Carols’

Matthew Fletcher and the Chapel Choir bring us their annual holiday service.  Come lift your voice and lift your spirits with us this morning!

Sunday 14 December (7pm)


The essence of meditation is simply to reach a ‘state of being’ Come and join us for silence, reflection, poetry and music. Led by Ingrid Tavkar

 Flowers Dedicated this Sunday – By Ed Fordham

 Chapel Contributions and Outgoings

 The Chapel is independent and self-financing.  We appreciate all the contributions made by our members and visitors.  Each week, we publish the level of contributions by the chapel community as well as the costs related to running our beautiful chapel.

*** Last Sunday’s plate collection (+ Gift Aid) £160:60

** Members by Standing Order £291:83

* Chapel Outgoings £1001:59

During December our Sunday collection basket will be divided with

 ‘Marylebone Women’s Shelter’


NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries


Thursday 18th December 10am-2pm  
Can you come along to help decorate the Chapel so it’s bright and beautiful for the mid-winter celebrations? Mulled apple juice, mince pies and fellowship.
If you’d like to lend a hand, please contact Janna (j.williams.16[at[virginmedia.com) or just come along

Chapel Winter Shelter – can you help?

The guests in our Friday night Winter Shelter frequently need things we probably take for granted. Below is a list of some of those things. Please donate whatever you can – into a red plastic box that you will find in the chapel.

Priority needs:

Outdoor: Good condition men’s walking boots, lightweight foldable waterproof jackets, rucksacks/backpacks scarves, hats, gloves.

Work wear (for job interviews, work etc): suits, ties, trousers, skirts, smart shoes, new tights.

Other needs:

Clothing: Vests, shirts, t-shirts, winter jumpers and cardigans, and less formal trousers.  Pyjamas, nightgowns.

New items: Underpants (male/female), socks and tights, bras. Thank you so much.  Claire Julian, Social Action Committee

Services Next Sunday

Sunday 21 December (11am)

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching

‘There’s No Place Like Home’

This is the time of year when Home is a very tender notion for many people.  We say there’s no place like home for the holidays.  We say home is where the heart is.  But in a mobile society where the average person will move some twenty times in a lifetime, where exactly does the ideal notion of “home” reside?  Is there any one continuous notion of home through the ages, through a culture?  Where is home for you these days?  Come join us today.  Nuestra casa, su casa.


Sunday 21 December (7pm)

‘Winter Solstice Celebration’

Drawing from Celtic and other traditions we will celebrate the darkest time of the year and the return of the Light. Led by members of our “Wheel of the Year” group.