Weekly Notices 14 May 2017

Published 12/05/2017

This Sunday’s Services

Sunday 14 May (11.00 am)

Guest Preacher Terri Quaye – ‘This Sacred Space’Together, we take this opportunity to contemplate not only our sacred space but those of other faiths. ‘This Sacred Space’ – its purpose, its gift and our unity.


Sunday 14 May (7.00pm) Evening Gathering 

‘Further insights into Hip-hop and Spirituality’

Michael Hussey introduced us to this topic recently in February, and he is happy to share further thoughts and examples of this art-form.

Special announcement: Last chance to do our Sunday Services Survey
Today is the deadline for our survey – we especially want to hear from those who have started attending in the last few years and also those who are Chapel Members. Your responses will be anonymous and we’d appreciate honest feedback. Click here to take the survey or paste the following into your browser:
Unitarians and Hindu’s celebrate the poetry of Tagore
The 7th May marked the birth of the influential Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. Members of Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel invited musicians from the liberal Hindu group, the Brahmo Samaj, to join them in celebrating with a worship service including a performance of Tagore’s poetry read in English and sung in Bengali. Tagore was the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 in honour of his epic poem Gitanjali, which he partly wrote whilst staying in Hampstead. The poet was a member of the Brahmo Samaj, which has historic links with the Unitarians, and both groups were keen to mark the occasion. We hope to make it an annual event!

Community Spotlight: Our stewards give a warm welcome on Sundays!
Last month, our Stewards Co-Ordinator Jim Burtles took the spotlight during a service to share the delights of welcoming guests on Sunday mornings.Jim says, ‘Stewarding is an essential duty; which means that someone has to do it.  Now, whatever else you may be, you are a kind of someone and we need your help occasionally. Of course, I do understand and accept that some of us can’t step forward for various reasons, which makes it even more important for the capable ones to play their part. The procedure is fairly straightforward: 

1. By email we agree a date. 
2. I send you a reminder with instructions.
3. On the day, you arrive a bit early to organise yourself and the handouts.
4. As people arrive you welcome them and hand them a hymn book. 
5. After the service you tidy up and go home, feeling better and proud of the fact that you have been a good, kind and useful someone this morning.’

If you would like to be a steward and you’ve never done it before, Jim will match you with someone more experienced, but as he says ‘if you can smile, you qualify!’ Contact Jim: burtlesj@gmail.com

News from our friends at Golders Green Unitarians: Meditation workshop  
Saturday 20 May 2017 10.30 am – 12 30 pm 

This gentle event is open to all and led by Richard Bober of the Meditation Fellowship who is also a GGU member. It will be followed by a simple lunch at GGU, Hoop Lane. For more info, contact alluredm@aol.com

Got a talent to share? Neighbours Social on 23rd June
Join us at Rosslyn Hill Chapel for a quirky evening of entertainment with our friends at Golders Green Unitarians. If you’d like to join in the fun by offering music, story, song, poem, etc please contact Kate: revkatedean@gmail.com

Good Cause of the Month
Our Sunday collection basket will be divided with Good Gifts, to buy a ‘solar cooker’ and ‘Home Starter Kit’.

The flowers for the chalice table this week are provided by the Flower Group.
If you have a special person or an event to celebrate or remember with flowers, please contact Sharron: admin@rosslynhillchapel.com 

Upcoming Events

Rosslyn Hill Chapel Choir – rehearses each Wednesday at 7.30pm. New voices welcome, no audition required!

Heart and Soul – week night circle – will meet on Monday 15th May. This gentle week night service features prayer ritual, meditation and an opportunity to share on the theme of ‘Embodiment: Being in our Bodies’.

Thursday 18th May at 7.30pm Refugee support: Volunteer meeting (Chapel Hall)
We will meet to discuss how we might join together with other communities to support refugee families in Camden. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the situation and discuss the various options. For more information and to RSVP, contact: revkatedean@gmail.com

Sunday 4th June Anniversary Service at 6.30pm (note: special time)
Our annual Anniversary Service is held on the nearest Sunday to 5th June, the date of the first service in our current chapel building in 1862. We will honour our charity partners with a short service followed by a Wine Reception and an opportunity to make new connections!

Friday 23rd June at 7.30pm ‘Neighbours Social’ with Golders Green Unitarians 
Join us at Rosslyn Hill Chapel for a quirky evening of entertainment with our friends at Golders Green Unitarians. Anyone wishing to offer entertainment – music, story, song, poem, etc – should contact Kate: revkatedean@gmail.com

Saturday 8th July 11.00am onwards ‘London Pride’
Come and represent Unitarians at one of the largest LGBT festivals in the world. 

“Are you free to celebrate on Saturday 8th July 2017? Joining the Unitarians at London Pride will be one of the best life experiences for you as a Unitarian – it really is that simple.

On Saturday 8th July we will gather, raise our flags, dan our whistles and drums and March through the centre of London cheered on by up to 2 million people supporting LGBTI Equality.

This message is to ask you to join us.  All you have to do is go to the Facebook Page Unitarians for LGBTI Equality and sign up to the event we have for the parade.  It is crucial you sign up as numbers will be limited and everyone will need a wristband.

Once you have signed up we need you to turn up, guidance on what to wear etc will be given nearer the time as well as the precise details – broadly we gather at 11am and march until 3/4pm. And it is tremendous fun and a critical part of us ensuring that the centuries of persecution and negativity towards the LGBTI communities is slowly broken down and the chapel doors flung open.

Of you have any queries contact ed.fordham@gmail.com or text Ed on 07974950512.  We will be joined by Minister, readers, activists and more – everyone is welcome. just let us know for definite so we can plan numbers.

This year will be very special as it is the 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation and the 60th anniversary of the Wolfenden Report that triggered that.  Please be there… we want a majorly good showing from Unitarians at London Pride. Thank you.”

Sunday 9th July Special service followed by All Weather Picnic!
We will be joined by the UK’s Unitarian Youth Group, fresh from their appearance at London Pride the previous day. After the service, we’ll enjoy a picnic on the manse lawn (or in the hall) along with members of Churches Together in Hampstead. Do join us.

Services Next SundaySunday 21 May (11.00 am)

Guest Preacher Stephen Crowther: ‘Tender Bridges’

Today’s service was prompted by a recent Inquirer article about the ‘tender bridges’ that we build when we connect ‘that which lives at the heart of our problems to the heart of the problems of others. Then we become bridges to each other, to the world, and to the spirit that informs everything’. I suggest that we can begin building tender bridges by listening to each other as we share the stories of who we are.

Sunday 21 May (7.00 pm) Evening Gathering’Dancing into Summer’

We are dancing for enjoyment to beautiful music from many cultures and experiencing sound meditation and healing. You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to enjoy yourself!
ADMISSION FREE but donations for ‘Four Paws’, an international animal welfare charity, welcomed. Led by Zoe Gerrard.