Weekly Notices 17 Dec 2017

Published 16/12/2017

Sunday 17th December at 11am
Carol Service with Rosslyn Hill Chapel Choir and Rev Kate

Open-minded family-friendly service of carols and festive music with the choir, followed by refreshments.

Sunday 17th December at 6pm       
‘30 Minute Mindfulness’ on Sunday evenings          

These short meditations are aimed at those who want to deepen their meditation practice. 
Do join us for a peaceful pause at the end of the weekend. Open to all – people of all beliefs are welcome. FREE (donations welcome) 

Sunday 17th December at 7pm 
‘Winter Solstice’  celebration led by the Wheel of the Year group
Join us as we turn the wheel and celebrate the closing of the year and the shortest day.

Special announcement

Don’t forget items for the Food Bank

At this time of abundance for many, let us remember those who struggle without.


Administrator’s work Sunday
Our temporary administrator Daniela Gale will be working at the Vestry office this Sunday. Please feel free to pop in and see Daniela if you need help with anything! 

Flowers for the Chalice Table
The poinsettias on display this Sunday are given by Jane Crispin, in memory of her mother Maxine, who died peacefully three weeks ago and whose birthday was on 16th Dec.

If you have a special person or an event to celebrate or remember with flowers, please contact Daniela: admin@rosslynhillchapel.com Thank you to the Flower Group and all their helpers for fantastic decorations!
Under the supervision of the Flower Group (Helene Howard, Janna Williams and Anne Harrabin) the busy workers festooned the Chapel for the festive season. Thanks to the helpers Jane Williams, Ken Levy, Magnus Nielsen, Fiona Stoppard, Kristin Howe, Eoin Willeard, Elsa Willeard, David Digby, Trish Timson, Susan Brown, Kate Dean, Danny O’Kane and Daniela Gale.

Thank you for the music!
Thank you to Rosslyn Hill Chapel Choir for their wonderful performances this year. Special thanks go to their Choir Director Nathan Mercieca and the Chapel’s Director of Music John Evans for their energy and enthusiasm.
Don’t forget items for the Food Bank
We continue to collect items for Chalk Farm Food Bank, so please bring non-perishable food and toiletries to Chapel on Sunday. You can leave your donations on the table at the back of the Chapel.
Good Cause for December
Supporting refugees through ‘Community Sponsorship’
The Chapel is committed to support the efforts by local community churches to sponsor a refugee family from a war-torn country to settle in the local area through the ‘Community Sponsorship’ scheme. If you are interested in providing hands-on help with this project, please contact our rep Shana Begum: shanapbegum@gmail.com 

In December we will be doing a number of fundraising events to highlight the project. Read on to find out more…

Last chance to bid in the Silent Auction! Ends this Sunday…  
A Fundraiser for our Community Sponsorship project for refugees and our wonderful Musical Instruments running throughout December

Great prizes including…

  • Hamper of treats from Budgens
  • Dinner for two at Brasil Boteca, Camden
  • Cookery Class voucher at Borough Kitchen
  • Limited edition Rosslyn Hill Chapel mugs!

How it works

  1. You buy a bidding slip for £1
  2. You make a bid on your chosen item
  3. The highest bid wins the item

Winners will be contacted after the 17th Dec and announced at the ‘Blue Christmas’ morning service on Christmas Eve. Bidding slips available after services in December. Contact Hadley Deist for more information: hdiest@gmail.com 

Freedom from Torture: Books of poetry by refugees

The charity Freedom from Torture also works to support refugees through various initiatives. Their ‘Write to Life’ project encourages self-expression through poetry and several books have been published. You can purchase ‘Hands and Wings’ and ‘Where are you from?’ via their website.

Here is another poem from one of the participants:



You have had a long journey, like me.
Like me, you left your home.
A bitter home.
You fell from a tree, I fled my motherland.
Your tree was deprived of rain and sun,
My motherland lacked dreams and freedom.
I was a runaway from war, sorrow, humility and pain. You came from a hostile atmosphere, 

CO2 emissions and deforestation.
I from silence, torture, colourlessness and emptiness.
You escaped flooding, droughts and tropical storms.
I ran from tragedy,
You from climate change.
We are both exiles.
The victims of small-minded humans.
You, driftwood, are imprisoned in a silent room,
I’m an asylum seeker, held in a detention centre…
You! Waiting to fall apart, parched, before turning to dust.
Me! Like a fish out of water, Waiting to be sent back to the land of the dead… 

Book Group – what are we reading?
Chapel’s Book Group is currently reading The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien, described as ‘boldly imagined’ and ‘astonishing’ novel set in rural Ireland following the repercussions of the Bosnian conflict. We will meet to discuss this short but engrossing read on Monday 22nd January at 7pm.
Volunteering at the Cold Weather Shelter – sign up this Sunday

Rosslyn Hill Chapel has hosted the Shelter for several years. Again we will open the Chapel hall on Friday nights (from 10th November to mid-January) to provide up to 15 homeless guests each week with dinner, conversation and entertainment, a safe bed, and a hearty breakfast.  There are lots of ways to help – serving food, chatting, playing board games, staying overnight, cooking, or donating towards the costs (approximately £100 per week). We need 5 or 6 volunteers for each Friday evening, 2 for each Friday night, and 4 for each Saturday morning (guests leave by 9am). The guests tell us the Shelter really does change lives.  If you would like to take part or to find out more, please contact Leighton Cole: leightoncole90@gmail.com Tel 020 8444 9728.

Visit C4WS’s website for more information on their work: www.C4WSHOMELESSPROJECT.org

Stewarding Can You Help?  An Appeal to all Members! 
Stewarding is a simple way to get more involved. Good stewarding makes a difference: a warm welcome from the stewards is a welcome to the Chapel. Please look at your diaries and contact Zoe Gerrard (email: zoegerrard07@gmail.com) with any dates in the next few months when you’d be available. If you haven’t stewarded at a service before please don’t worry as there is always an experienced Worship Assistant present.

Good Cause of the Month 
Our Sunday collection basket will be divided between the upkeep of our beautiful Chapel and our Community Sponsorship project to support a refugee family to move to London.

Thinking of becoming a member? 
If you have been attending our Chapel services and events for some time, you might consider making Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel your spiritual home. Our Chapel community is independent, self-governing and self-financing, with a rich history of social change. As well as taking part in Sunday Services, our members organise and support a wide range of activities and events. If you would like to find out more, please contact Rev Kate Dean (revkatedean@gmail.com), or speak to one of the Stewards who can introduce you to the minister or a member of the Membership Group.

 Knitwits – knitting with our Jewish friends 14th January 2 – 4.30pm
The JW3 Centre on Finchley Road is hosting a knitting afternoon. Come along and knit or learn to knit. Bring your own project or knit an item for the charity Knit for Peace. For more details, call Marina 07956510914 or email marina@thekingandeye.co.uk
Labyrinth Walking Meditation 14th January 7 – 8.30pm
Our meditation last Sunday was cancelled due to the bad weather but we will try again in January. Our labyrinth walk will be a quiet time to consider our intentions for the new year. Please mark your diaries for this lovely spiritual experience.

Minister’s Restday
Please note that Rev Kate Dean’s restday is Wednesday. Any emails sent on this day will be answered on Thursday. If the message is urgent, please call or text.

Upcoming Events
 Wednesday No Choir or Tai Chi this week!

Registration for FUSE is now open with new luxury accommodation released!

FUSE Festival of Unitarians: 16th – 18th February 2018 at Horsley Estate, East Horsley, Surrey
The 2018 Festival of Unitarians in the South East (FUSE) promises to be a weekend filled with great opportunities to deepen your Unitarian experience, find time for your soul, meet lots of new people, enjoy good food, sing with great music and relax in beautiful surroundings! There will be a variety of interesting and engaging workshops on Spirituality, Community, Social Action, Creativity and Music. Book now and join in the fun!
Luxury rooms in Horsley Towers are now available on a first come, first served basis, so book now!

To get a taste of what FUSE is like, check out the video.

Our Theme Speaker is Rev Jim Robinson, Unitarian Universalist minister, and former minister of Rosslyn Hill Chapel. The seminar on Friday afternoon with Jim Robinson will be on ‘Fostering Beloved Community’
FUSE fees
Friday Half-day Seminar: £20
Double occupancy of double room £195 per person (includes all meals)
Single occupancy of double room £240 per person (includes all meals)
Rate for non-resident day delegates (includes lunch) £55 per person
Additional charge for day delegates
Saturday dinner £25 per person
Special rates for children up to 11 years old
Some bursaries are available on application. For more information see www.fusefest.org.uk

Open Mind
Correction to the printed Open Mind newsletter:
Please note that our Book Group book is The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien.
In January, the Poetry Group will be meeting on New Year’s Day at 7.30pm and not 8 Jan as stated in the printed edition of Open Mind.
You can download the correct and final version of Open Mind December-January by clicking the button below.


Download ‘Open Mind’
Services Next Sunday

Sunday 24th December at 11am
Rev Kate Dean:  ‘Blue Christmas’ 

A contemplative service for those who find Christmas a difficult time of year.

Sunday 24th December at 6pm       
‘30 Minute Mindfulness’ on Sunday evenings          

These short meditations are aimed at those who want to deepen their meditation practice. 
Do join us for a peaceful pause at the end of the weekend. Open to all – people of all beliefs are welcome. FREE (donations welcome)