Weekly Notices 20 Sep 2015

Published 18/09/2015

Sunday 20th September (11.00 am) Harvest Celebration!

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘In Search of Higher Ground’

After all, how complicated can it be, this unique human invention called a church?  Rent a tent, call for a picnic, gather the troops – you’re in business!  Just like a circus! Ever wonder why we have such “set aside” places, what the purpose of such a brave enterprise might be in the first place?  Ever wonder why such a quaint place is here, and why so many people have cared about this chapel, loved this place, and needed this place since 1692, over the 300 years?

Join us for worship this Sunday, and we’ll try to explain ourselves!

Please Note: We’re asking everyone to bring non-perishable goods to Chapel today – these will be donated to a charity as part of our annual Harvest Celebration!

Sunday 20th September (7.00pm)

‘Autumn Equinox Celebration’

Led by members of our ‘Wheel of the Year’ group, and drawing from the Celtic earth/pagan tradition, we will celebrate the autumn equinox. The service is participatory and one of the eight great Celtic celebrations during the ‘wheel of the year’.

Children’s Programme – We’d like to welcome your children to chapel this Sunday or in the future. We have just started a new unit from Tapestry of Faith (the Unitarian Universalist religious education program in the United States), and these lessons will run until the end of December 2015.  It’s called Love Will Guide Us, and its purpose is to help children understand the sources that Unitarians draw upon to help shape and grow their faith and beliefs.

Flowers Dedicated this Sunday Are sponsored by the Flower Committee celebrating Harvest Festival.

Today’s collection will be donated to ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’

which has three rescue ships currently in the Mediterranean Sea.

NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries

Message from the Membership Group Welcoming new members – Sunday 18th October Reverend Patrick and the Membership Group will set aside part of morning service on Sunday 18th October to welcome members who have become involved with the chapel over the last couple of years. Claire Julian (of the membership group) will send invitations to all such new members, but would be very grateful if you could contact her on claire.marley[at]mac.com (o2o 7435 8254) if you have joined the chapel since the summer of 2013 (so that she can double-check that we do not omit anyone).

Message from the Management Board Following Rev Patrick O’Neill’s announcement of his retirement as of November 2015, we shall be electing a Search Committee of seven people, to seek a new settled minister. This is extremely interesting work. If you have an interest in seeing our ministry, here at Rosslyn Hill Chapel, continuing to flourish, then please think about being a part of this committee. If you are interested, or would like to know more, please contact the Chair of the Board, Kerry Reid (khornreid[at]hotmail.com)

Open Chapel Afternoon Sunday 20th September from 2.00-5.00 pm

The Chapel will be open this afternoon (to coincide with the London Open House weekend). We will be offering refreshments, talking to visitors about our beautiful Chapel, selling books and there will be a ‘Bring and Buy’ table in aid of the Cold Weather Shelter.

If you’d like to help on the day, or can bake cake/biscuits or bring books and items for the ‘bring & buy’ table, please contact Janna (j.williams16{at}virginmedia.com) The Office is open, Mon 14, Wed 16  & Fri 18, and you can bring books and items for the ‘bring & buy’ table at these times.

News from the Flower Group

The Flower Group welcomes anyone who would like to join them on Friday 18th September (3.30pm-5.00pm) to decorate for our Harvest Festival. Materials are provided. It is easy and good fun. Just come along or contact Janna Williams for further details (j.williams16{at}virginmedia.com)

Stewarding Can You Help? – An Appeal to all Members

Stewarding is a simple way to get more involved. Good stewarding makes a difference: a warm welcome from the stewards is a welcome to the Chapel.

Please look at your diaries and contact Jim Burtles (burtles.j{at}gmail.com) with any dates in the next few months when you’d be available. If you haven’t stewarded at a service before please don’t worry as there is always an experienced worship assistant present.

Coffee Hour – Volunteers invited!

Serving tea/coffee at 12.00pm in the side aisle is an enjoyable and useful activity. Please contact Margaret Perry (email:margaretperry14{at}hotmail.co.uk) to offer 30 minutes of time to suit you.

Membership Group

The chapel welcomes newcomers at all times.  If you are new to the chapel or have been coming along to services for a little while and would like to know more about getting involved, becoming a member, or about the chapel in general, please contact Claire Julian of our Membership Group on o2o 7435 8254 or claire.marley{at}mac.com. If you are already a member and happen to chat to someone attending a service who would like more information, please do take their details and pass them on to Claire, as above.Thank you from the Chapel Membership Group

Services Next Sunday

Sunday 27th September (11.00 am)

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching‘The Perpetual Migration’

Impossible to watch a newscast these days without seeing reports of pathetic incidents involving the hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking refuge across the world. As people of conscience in the better-off nations struggle to seek reasonable and humane solutions, it is worth considering the ways in which all souls are ‘immigrant souls’, as the poet says, ’till we in fact or hope or hunch arrive’ where life is safe and free. Come ponder with us this Sunday.

Sunday 27th September (7.00pm)

‘Tai Chi and Spirituality’ – Tai chi is commonly referred to as moving meditation. Tai chi’s slow, graceful movements can be used as a meditation to provide relaxed focus, to quiet the monkey mind and to engender a deep sense of relaxation that helps release inner tensions.

Led by a member of the congregation.