Weekly Notices 24 Jan 2016

Published 22/01/2016

Sunday 24th January (11.00am)

Guest Preacher Rev Ashley Hills ‘The Whirlpool of Time’

‘Time and the hour run through the roughest day’ (Macbeth, William Shakespeare)

Sunday 24th January (7.00pm)

‘The Whirlpool of Time’

We will be drawing on Rev Hill’s sermon from the morning, reflecting and sharing our thoughts.

Led by members of the congregation.

Flowers – This week’s arrangement was funded from a grant from the Board that covers un-sponsored Sundays.

Please note! our Sunday collection basket will be divided with

the Spinal Research Trust


The Spinal Research Trust leads the way in finding a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.  (www.spinalresearch.org)



NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries



Message from the Management Board


Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 28 February 2016 (after the morning service)

Make a note in your diary now!

The AGM is the time to review the past year, discuss the report and accounts, hear from the Chapel groups and committees and appoint members to the Management Board.





FUSE is taking place on 19-22 February 2016 by the seaside in Worthing and is full of interesting workshops. Have a look on their website: fusefest.org.uk.    You can register to attend, but registration ENDS 5 FEBRUARY so move quickly.



Volunteers invited!

Serving tea/coffee at 12.00pm in the side aisle is an enjoyable and useful activity. Please contact Margaret Perry (margaretperry14[at]hotmail.co.uk) to offer 30 minutes of time to suit you.




Services Next Sunday

Sunday 31st January  (11.00am)

‘Celebrating Community’

Led by members of the Worship Group

“A church is nothing more than its people and what they bring to it: their faith, their vision, their collective hopes and dreams, their memories and their customs, their history, their prayers, their good works, and their values.” Rev Patrick O’Neill.


Sunday 31st January (7.00pm)

Celebration of ‘Imbolc’ (also known as Candlemas)

This is one of the eight Celtic holy days of the year. It is dedicated to the Goddess Brigid and celebrates mid-winter with fire, water and ritual. Come and celebrate Imbolc with music, song, poetry and meditative silence. Led by members of our ‘Wheel of the Year’ group