Weekly Notices 26 Apr 2015

Published 24/04/2015

Sunday 26th April (11am) 

Guest Preacher Rev Jopie Boeke  ‘Treasure your tears’

In our culture there is a tendency to distrust our tears and suppress them. But tears can teach us what really matters in life and help us to discover deeper sources of comfort available to every human being.

 Sunday 26th April (7pm)

We will be drawing on Rev Jopie Boeke’s sermon from the morning – ‘Treasure your tears’ – reflecting on it and sharing our thoughts. Led by Margaret Perry.

***Children’s Programme***

This Sunday our theme will be looking at London as a diverse city of immigrants.  We will be discussing the difficulties that some immigrants face because of prejudice and poverty.


Flowers Dedicated this Sunday – The Flowers are sponsored this morning by Kerry and Julia Reid, in celebration of their wedding anniversary.


During April our Sunday collection basket will be divided with

‘Toilet Twinning’

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SimpleGifts: Unitarian Centre for Social Action

We are encouraging everyone to make home made signs and stand outside their Chapel’s front gate/door THIS SUNDAY following services to draw attention to the ongoing death count of migrants attempting to enter the EU. We feel called as religious and ethical people to take a stand – hope you will join us!

If you do gather a small group please take a picture–for your own website but also for us to publish here to inspire others and spread the word about what Unitarians stand for and why religious community can still be a force for positive change. Let’s put pressure on our elected officials to do more to stop men, women and children needlessly dying in the Mediterranean and beyond.

 Rob Gregson I’ll be outside the gates of Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel with my two kids this Sunday, 12.15 to 12.45pm –  holding signs and hopefully adding to the pressure to do more to save lives. One of the kids the Italian navy described was a 10 year old African boy…my kid. I can’t not do this–hope others will come by as well.

Toilet Twinning – Please support the ‘Toilet Twinning project which provides improved sanitation, clean water and hygiene education in poor communities to help stop children under the age of  5 from dying as a result of dirty water and poor sanitation. When you visit the Chapel, please pop into one of the loos in order to put some money into the collecting boxes.  Every time we collect £60 a toilet in a poor community will be twinned with ours .We’re aiming to have a string of them across the world!

Coffee Hour During the month of April, I hope to fill a rota for 2 months – until end of June – for the ‘coffee hour’ after Sunday morning services. I enjoy this activity and now is the time to pass this opportunity on to others, after the last Sunday in April, when I shall step down from ‘coffee hour’ activity. It’s an enjoyable and important service. Please let me know if you would like to take an ‘occasional turn at the urn’. Thanks, Margaret Perry.

Services Next Sunday

Sunday 3rd May (11am)

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching

‘Jesus The Stranger’

He is arguably the most important figure in Western (and perhaps human) history.  And yet, as central as this figure of Jesus and the faith tradition that he inspired might be to history, the modern-day searcher who sincerely seeks to inquire about who this man Jesus really was, and what he really did, and what he really said when he was alive, quickly discovers the need to distinguish between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith.  So, the question becomes, what do we really know about this man called Jesus?

Sunday 3rd May (7pm) Evening Gathering

‘Beltane Celebration’

The Wheel of the Year group leads a pagan service celebrating the festival of Beltane, focusing on purification, love and fertility. Come! Come! Who ever you are…and celebrate Beltane with music, poetry, reflection and silence.