Weekly Notices 28 Sep 2014

Published 26/09/2014

Sunday Services


Sunday 28 September (11am)

‘Showcase of Chapel Groups & Activities’

Led by members of the Worship Group


Do you want to find out more about the different groups and activities at the chapel? Then come along on Sunday 28th September. After a short service led by the Worship Group, starting at 11.00am, there will be stalls around the Chapel run by the various groups, where you can find out more about what happens at Rosslyn Hill.



Sunday 28 September (7pm) – Evening Gathering

Readings and Reflections’

Led by Leighton Cole​​

Children’s Programme

This Sunday in the chapel we’ll read the book, It’s Mine by Leo Linonni which has a message about sharing and working together to solve problems peacefully. We’ll discuss how important sharing is in a community and how when we work together we can solve problems that we couldn’t solve alone.


Flowers Dedicated this Sunday – The Flowers are sponsored this morning by James Chiriyankandath ‘In celebration of the birthdays of my mother, Elannam, and my wife, Sarah.


Chapel Contributions and Outgoings

The Chapel is independent and self-financing.  We appreciate all the contributions made by our members and visitors.  Each week, we publish the level of contributions by the chapel community as well as the costs related to running our beautiful chapel.


*** Last Sunday’s plate collection (+ Gift Aid) £213:68

** Members by Standing Order £291:00

* Chapel Outgoings £11,139:58

During September our Sunday collection basket will be divided with

our ‘Cold Weather Shelter’  

NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries


Important Date! There will be a Special General Meeting for Chapel members after the morning service on Sunday 12 October 2014.



Services Next Sunday


Sunday 5 October (11am)

Guest Preacher David Darling

‘Nurturing Faith, embracing life, celebrating difference’


Sunday 5 October (7pm)

Music and the Spirit’

‘Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.’ Ludwig van Beethoven

Led by members of the congregation.