Weekly Notices 3 May 2015

Published 01/05/2015

Sunday 3rd May (11am)

Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Jesus The Stranger’

He is arguably the most important figure in Western (and perhaps human) history.  And yet, as central as this figure of Jesus and the faith tradition that he inspired might be to history, the modern-day searcher who sincerely seeks to inquire about who this man Jesus really was, and what he really did, and what he really said when he was alive, quickly discovers the need to distinguish between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith.  So, the question becomes, what do we really know about this man called Jesus?

Sunday 3rd May (7pm) Evening Gathering – ‘Beltane Celebration’

The Wheel of the Year group leads a pagan service celebrating the festival of Beltane, focusing on purification, love and fertility. Come! Come! Whoever you are… and celebrate Beltane with music, poetry, reflection and silence.

Flowers Dedicated this Sunday –  The flowers this Sunday are sponsored by Shirley and Terry King


If you have someone or an event to celebrate or remember, say it with flowers and help decorate the Chapel for our worship together.  Contact Sharron –admin@rosslynhillchapel.com


Offertory -The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 13 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis. The earthquake that hit Nepal is such a crisis. Our chapel supports the DEC when they have an appeal – so today’s entire collection will go to ‘DEC’ to help those caught up in the earthquake. Please give generously!

NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries

Coffee Hour During the month of May, I hope to fill a rota for 2 months – until end of June – for the ‘coffee hour’ after Sunday morning services. I enjoy this activity and now is the time to pass this opportunity on to others, after the last Sunday in April, when I’ve stepped down from ‘coffee hour’ activity. It’s an enjoyable and important service. Please let me know if you would like to take an ‘occasional turn at the urn’. Thanks, Margaret Perry.

Services Next Sunday

Sunday 10th May  (11am)

 Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Living on a Deeper Level’

In his book, ‘The Road To Character’, David Brooks says we live in a culture that encourages us to think about how to be wealthy and successful, but which leaves many of us inarticulate about how to cultivate the deepest inner life.  We know that this deeper life matters, but it becomes subsumed by the day-to-day, and the deepest parts of who we are go unexplored and unstructured.  Come join us in Chapel this morning as we consider what it might mean to live life on a deeper level.

Sunday 10th May (7pm)  Evening Gathering –  ‘Meditation’

The essence of meditation is simply to reach a ‘state of being’ Come and join us for silence, reflection, poetry and music. Led by Ingrid Tavkar