Weekly Notices 5 Feb 2017

Published 04/02/2017

Sunday Services

5th February at 11am: Youth Sunday
We will celebrate young Unitarians with a service for all ages on the theme of storytelling. Expect lively music, inspiring stories and your chance to take part in a group storytelling activity!

5th February at 7pm: Evening Gathering ‘Young at Heart’
No matter how old you are, you can stay ‘young at heart’ for as long as you want to. What does the phrase ‘young at heart’ mean to you? Led by Ingrid Tavkar.

Special announcement
Please join us in helping the progressive Hindu group the Brahmo Samaj celebrate their foundation. 3pm on 12th Feb at the Chapel. RSVP via Rev Kate by Wednesday 8th Feb please! (see details below)

The Chapel AGM is announced – 4th March
The chapel is self-governing independent charity. Chapel members can have their say on decisions affecting the chapel’s future at the Annual General Meeting on 4th March after the morning service. Lunch and Childcare will be provided. For more information, see this month’s Open Mind newsletter.

Good Cause(s) of the Month: Unitarian youth charities
This month, we divide our collection plate between the upkeep of the chapel and two Unitarian youth causes: The General Assembly’s Youth Panel organises events at The Nightingale Centre in Derbyshire. These weekends provide a rare opportunity for the Unitarian children and young people that are scattered across the country to come together for their own tailor-made programmes. Our fundraising would go towards special workshops at the youth weekends. In March ‘Go Wild’, a mobile zoo, will be visiting the Junior Weekend and ‘One Adventure’ will be leading an outdoor pursuits day for the Inters and Senior age-groups. Our fundraising could also provide travel bursaries for young people. The other Unitarian youth cause is ‘Send a Child to Hucklow’ or SACH. A registered charity in its own right, for over fifty years SACH has enabled children from deprived inner-city areas to have a holiday in the countryside at The Nightingale Centre. So, let’s support our children and the future of our movement!

The flowers for the chalice table this week are provided by the Flower Group.  If you have a special person or an event to celebrate or remember with flowers, please contact Sharron: admin@rosslynhillchapel.com 

Invitation to a gathering of the Brahmo Samaj 
Sunday 12th Feb at 3pm in the Chapel
The Maghotsava will be a wonderful celebration of the founding of the Brahmo Samaj with food and music and prayers. The Brahmo Samaj was founded by Raja Rammohan Roy who was a religious and social reformer. Rammohan Roy studied the ancient Vedicreligion of the Hindus and advocated the worship of the One God without any form or shape worshipping him without too many rituals. He was against the caste system of the Hindus and pleaded successfully with the government to abolish Suttee – The practice of burning widows. He promoted Western education in India and believed in the equality between men and women. Rammohan had close links with the Unitarians both in Calcutta and in England. He came to London and then went to Bristol to his Unitarian friends where he sadly passed away in 1833. Please RSVP via revkatedean@gmail.com


Upcoming Events

Monday at 7.30pm: Poetry Group in Basement Cottage 3
Tuesday at 7pm: ‘Soul Deep’ spiritual discussions in the Chapel – this week’s theme: Trust and ConnectionRev Kate Dean continues to lead a series of six Tuesday-night sessions focusing on a different aspect of spiritual life each week. We aim to go deeper and examine the inner faith that finds an outward expression in the way we live our lives. These are self-contained sessions, so you can join us even if you are attending for the first time…
Session 3: 7th Feb – Trust and Connection
Session 4: 14th Feb – Courage and Weakness
Session 5: 21st Feb – Resilience and Perception
Session 6: 28th Feb – Blessings and Boundaries

Wednesday at 7.30pm: Chapel Choir weekly rehearsal

FUSE Festival – registration is still open!
There are still some places left for FUSE – the weekend retreat in Surrey full of Unitarian inspiration 17th – 19th Feb. Chapel members can apply (via Rev Kate Dean) for a £50 discount on the fee. Book your place via the website www.fusefest.org.uk or, if you prefer not to book online, please contact Rev Martin Whitell: revdmart@aol.com 

Services Next Sunday

12th February at 11am: Raja Rammohan Roy ‘Father of the Bengal Renaissance’
This day marks the founding of the Brahmo Samaj, the progressive Hindu group established in the 1800s. We take a look at its founder, the social reformer Raja Rammohan Roy.
12th February at 7pm: Meditations on the Brahmo Samaj
Our Evening Gathering meditations are inspired by the Brahmo Samaj and liberal Hindu traditions.