Weekly Notices 5 Jul 2015

Published 03/07/2015

Service led by Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill – Special Guest Speaker Rev Jim Robinson

Learning to Love the Ordinary’

This Sunday we welcome back to our pulpit the Rev Jim Robinson, former minister of our Chapel.  A reception for Jim and Appleseed follows the service.

Sunday 5th July (7pm)  Special Guest Speaker Rev Jim Robinson

‘Learning to Love the Ordinary’

Children’s Programme – During the summer months there will be a box of (quiet) toys and activities available for children to enjoy during the main service.  The Children’s Chapel and crèche program will begin again in September.

Flowers Dedicated this Sunday – This is a ‘double’ Sponsorship Sunday –  

In gratitude to friends, family and the Chapel and in celebration of our first wedding anniversary.  Ed Fordham and Russell Eagling. 

In celebration of Britta (Burtles)’s Birthday on 3rd July.

COFFEE & TEA MONEY during July will be donated to

‘SimpleGifts’ – Unitarian Centre for Social Action

and our Sunday collection basket will also be divided with  

‘SimpleGifts’ – Unitarian Centre for Social Action

NOTICES & Dates for your Diaries

Pot Luck Lunch The next ‘Pot Luck Lunch’ will be on Sunday 5th July in the side aisle at 12.30pm (after the morning service) – this lunch is also a reception for Rev Jim Robinson, former minister of our Chapel, and his wife Appleseed.

This is an informal, friendly occasions – all are welcome and the request is to bring some food to share or make a financial contribution (£2.50 minimum).

Please let Ingrid Tavkar (email: ingridtavkar@gmail.com) know what food or drink you are offering to contribute to this event. We would also be very glad to hear from anyone who is willing to offer practical assistance (such as setting out and clearing up on the day).

We look forward to seeing you there.

CHAPEL POETRY GROUP meets on Monday 6th July at 7.30pm. For more information contact George Appleby (Tel: 020 7424 9733, email:gappleby@talktalk.net)

Membership Group

The chapel welcomes newcomers at all times.  If you are new to the chapel or have been coming along to services for a little while and would like to know more about getting involved, becoming a member, or about the chapel in general, please contact Claire Julian of our Membership Group on 020 7435 8254 or claire.marley{at}mac.com. If you are already a member and happen to chat to someone attending a service who would like more information, please do take their details and pass them on to Claire, as above. Thank you from the Chapel Membership Group

Message from the Management Board

It costs £5,000 per week to run this Chapel. Each month, we donate half of our plate collection to charity. On average, we donate £105 each week, from the plate collection to worthy causes. Please help us to support the ongoing work of RHUC; your donations are greatly appreciated. There are many ways to support this Chapel. The options include:

– Becoming a member

– Standing order

– One off donation

– Leaving a legacy

Please visit our website or contact our administrator for more details, or if you would like to discuss ways to give to the Chapel.


Services Next Sunday

Sunday 12th July (11am) Rev Dr Patrick T. O’Neill preaching – ‘Is God In Our Genes?’

Some scientists working on the Genome Project a few years ago claimed that they might have identified what they were calling the ‘God Gene’. Of the 35,000 genes consisting of 3.2 billion chemical bases that make up the human genome, this intriguing new observation posited that our DNA might actually be hard-wired to seek a Higher Power. This raises a provocative question, one that’s increasingly debated in the worlds of science and religion: which came first, God or the need for God?…If some people are more spiritual than others, is it nature or nurture that has made them so? Come join us for an interesting morning in the Chapel!

Sunday 12th July (7pm) Evening Gathering –  ‘Meditation’

The essence of meditation is simply to reach a ‘state of being’ – Come and join us for silence, reflection, poetry and music. Led by Ingrid Tavkar